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Rhonda’s notecard project: FAQ

What is the notecard project?
Rhonda Grimberg has been searching for a way to “give back” through her art, and after printing cards as gifts, dreamt up the idea of sharing her art by providing notecards and envelopes individually packaged to cancer care centers for use by patients as they receive chemotherapy treatments.  She is currently working with 10 cancer care centers across the country.

How is the project funded? 
The initial mailings to 10 cancer care centers were funded directly by Rhonda.  Rhonda’s artwork is purchased for healthcare, hospitality and corporate projects.
Moving forward the project will be funded with 100% of the sales of notecards and 3% of all Limited Edition Art sales.

How do we buy the notecards to support this project? 
Boxed sets of notecards can be purchased directly from Rhonda. Each box has 10 notecards and envelopes.  You can select from 1) Silly Girls, 2) Tulip Twist, 3) Silken Soiree, 4) Mysteries Revealed, and 5) a random mix of available cards at the time ordered.
The cost is $15.00 plus $2.00 shipping.  Taxes are only added for shipments within Colorado at this time.
Ordering is low-tech: e-mail Rhonda at, make your request, and provide a USPS address that they can be sent to.  You will be provided with an invoice to pay by check only.

What can we do to help?
In addition to purchasing notecards, you can spread the word about this project and Rhonda Grimberg’s Limited Edition art.

Can I submit a question about the project?
Submit your questions to

3071 Maritime Forest Drive . Johns Island, SC 29455 . 303-810-0305   arjae images